[Spambayes] Outlook & 'Non-mail' items

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Apr 9 14:15:20 EDT 2003

There is a bug on that, I think.  Certainly one that "drafts" are filtered,
but I think it is the same.  There should be a single function to determine
"should I look at this object", and it be used by both the filter and train

Bounces by outlook when not in "corporate" mode are just mail messages, so I
never see this.


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> I just tried to send mail to an invalid address and got a bounce back
> from my exchange server.  The bounce message was classified as unsure
> and filtered into my unsure folder (which is ok).
> However, I tried to "Recover from spam", both to move it back to the
> inbox and to train, and I get the message that no mail items are
> selected.
> If it filters, shouldn't it be able to be unfiltered?  Or am I missing
> something?
> =Tony Meyer
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