Removing pickle support from Outlook? (was RE:[Spambayes]Lostdatabase)

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at
Wed Apr 9 16:43:56 EDT 2003

> I'm not sure what a "key change kind of problem" is, but 
> yeah, it doesn't matter much, but we may as well make it 
> clean from the start.


> Yes, this is the "None" return val.  All cases had:
> > >    return None, True or False
> What did you think I meant?  None = not known, result = result :)

Well, None could have been unsure (see my previous message).

> I can see that "id changing" is an issue that also could be 
> dealt with by the base class, so that may complicate it a 
> little.

The more I consider it, the more I think that an ID shouldn't be able to
change.  If IMAP needs to assign a new id, it can create a new message.
Hopefully others won't need to (Outlook ids are meant to be permanent,

> But almost everything else seems to be candidates 
> for a "pop3proxy" sub-class.  There may even be scope for a 
> "header-enabled" sub-class, able to be used by all 
> applications which can implement everything from standard 
> message headers, and thus able to be shared by pop3proxy and 
> notes.

This definitely should be a "header-enabled" sub-class.  Pop3proxy,
IMAP, notes and maybe hammie (don't know much about hammie) can use
this.  'Real' integrations like the Outlook plugin can go their own way
after taking the base class.

> Any assumptions about IDs, other than that 
> they are strings and that they may change over the life a 
> single object similarly.

Should an id be able to change over the lifetime of an object?

> When I find some more cycles for spambayes I will have a play 
> with whatever is in CVS at the time.

If I find time today I might do some of this since we're testing with
IMAP at the moment.  Putting it all together into one bsddb3 database is
all yours, though ;)

=Tony Meyer

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