[Spambayes] CdbClassifer [sic]

Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Wed Apr 9 23:51:49 EDT 2003

4/9/2003 10:28:53 PM, Jamie Heilman <jamie at audible.transient.net> 

>CdbClassifier is misspelt throughout the spambayes project tree as
>"CdbClassifer" attached patch fixes this.

>Jamie Heilman                   http://audible.transient.net/>
>"I was in love once -- a Sinclair ZX-81.  People said, "No, Holly, 
> not for you." She was cheap, she was stupid and she wouldn't load
> -- well, not for me, anyway."-Holly

Guess that shows you about how much cdb classifiers are used... 
<wink>  They're very similar to zx-81... cheap, slow, and well, they 
*usually* load... :)

However, if you really are interested in that working, then you 
should formally submit the patch on the spambayes project.  It'll 
get lost on this list very quickly.

c'est moi - TimS

There are 10 kinds of people in the world:
  those who understand binary,
  and those who don't.

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