[Spambayes] CdbClassifer [sic]

Jamie Heilman jamie at audible.transient.net
Wed Apr 9 22:36:38 EDT 2003

Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions wrote:
> However, if you really are interested in that working, then you 
> should formally submit the patch on the spambayes project.  It'll 
> get lost on this list very quickly.

Actually it works fine, its just consistently misspelled which makes it
a tad odd to "link" against.  I don't have a sourceforge acct, nor do
I plan on getting one just to submit this patch, but it is really easy
to generate: cd your/path/to/spambayes && 
find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 perl -pi -e 's/CdbClassifer/CdbClassifier/;'

thats it

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