[Spambayes] Note on SPAM

T. Alexander Popiel popiel at wolfskeep.com
Fri Apr 11 12:17:51 EDT 2003

In message:  <NFBBLMKMELOCIOBDNDGNMEPNCPAA.sgdavis at koyote.com>
             "Steve Davis" <sgdavis at koyote.com> writes:
>I have been using the internet for close to two decades and one thing I have
>found to be true about SPAM, without exception. Every e-mail whose header
>shows that it was received from a mailer whose alias resolved to an unknown
>IP address has been SPAM. Frankly, I've been on the lookout for even 1
>legitimate e-mail that resolved to "unknown" -- still haven't come across
>one. I'm not very adept at programming so have never been able to create a
>SPAM removal program.

Mail that I've personally sent out has occasionally had this sort of
marking, because my ISP occasionally gets their reverse-maps messed
up.  I would be quite annoyed if this alone caused some of my outgoing
mail to be dropped.  Of course, I have trouble producing such samples
on demand, precisely because it is due to the failure of an outside

>If your developers are already aware of this or just deem it as useless info
>please pardon my intrusion. If not, might I impose on you to relate this to
>the developers?

Not useless, merely ocasionally misleading.  If you have tokenization
of the Received headers turned on, then I believe that this clue will
get automatically weighted and factored in.

- Alex

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