[Spambayes] Note on SPAM

Rob Hooft rob at hooft.net
Sat Apr 12 09:46:35 EDT 2003

Steve Davis wrote:
> I have been using the internet for close to two decades and one thing I have
> found to be true about SPAM, without exception. Every e-mail whose header
> shows that it was received from a mailer whose alias resolved to an unknown
> IP address has been SPAM. 

The "postfix" mailer has an option to refuse such E-mail. If this is 
100% true for you, you can use that option. From my experience, this is 
not true at all. Many, many companies, even big companies, have mistakes 
in their DNS setup. I agree that this would be a very good thing to 
enforce, but personnally I wouldn't like to be responsible if one of 
these big companies could not reach the sales people at the place where 
I work! If it would be globally enforced, I'd join.


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