[Spambayes] Note on SPAM

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Sat Apr 12 20:13:22 EDT 2003

>>> Rob Hooft wrote
> The "postfix" mailer has an option to refuse such E-mail. If this is 
> 100% true for you, you can use that option. From my experience, this is 
> not true at all. Many, many companies, even big companies, have mistakes 
> in their DNS setup. I agree that this would be a very good thing to 
> enforce, but personnally I wouldn't like to be responsible if one of 
> these big companies could not reach the sales people at the place where 
> I work! If it would be globally enforced, I'd join.

Note also that reverse DNS can be correctly configured, but the 
addresses fail to be resolved due to network glitches, timeouts,
or the like. DNS uses UDP, and there's no guarantees of reliable
service there.

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