[Spambayes] pop3proxy problems

Greg Thomas Greg at TheThomasHome.co.uk
Sat Apr 12 23:24:22 EDT 2003


SpamBayes was recommended to me, so I thought I'd give it a go on my
Win2K PC. I downloaded and installed Python 2.2, downloaded and
installed version 2.5 of the email package, and renamed away the old
one. I then installed spambayes-1.0a2 and downloaded pop3proxy.

I followed the instructions, and created a bayescustomize.ini with a
pop3proxy_servers: entry, but that failed ("pop3proxy_servers &
pop3proxy_ports are different lengths!") so I added a 
pop3proxy_ports: 110 line too. That seemed to get the pop3proxy going

But, when I tried to access the UI on http://localhost:8880/ I just
get the following error in Mozilla:

500 Server error

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "c:\Python22\Lib\site-packages\spambayes\Dibbler.py", line 398, in found_terminator
    getattr(plugin, name)(**params)

  File "pop3proxy.py", line 706, in onHome

  File "c:\Python22\Lib\site-packages\spambayes\PyMeldLite.py", line 710, in __getattr__
    raise AttributeError, "No element or attribute named %r" % name

AttributeError: No element or attribute named 'findMessage'

I've double checked just about everything, but can't see what I'm
doing wrong. I've never used Python before, so I'd be grateful fro any



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