[Spambayes] pop3proxy problems

Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Sat Apr 12 20:44:06 EDT 2003

4/12/2003 4:24:22 PM, Greg Thomas <Greg at TheThomasHome.co.uk> wrote:

>SpamBayes was recommended to me,


>so I thought I'd give it a go on my
>Win2K PC. I downloaded and installed Python 2.2, downloaded and
>installed version 2.5 of the email package, and renamed away the old
>one. I then installed spambayes-1.0a2 and downloaded pop3proxy.
>I followed the instructions, and created a bayescustomize.ini with a
>pop3proxy_servers: entry, but that failed ("pop3proxy_servers &
>pop3proxy_ports are different lengths!") so I added a 
>pop3proxy_ports: 110 line too. That seemed to get the pop3proxy going

Ok, all this is good, and indicates that whatever is wrong is not terribly 
>But, when I tried to access the UI on http://localhost:8880/ I just
>get the following error in Mozilla:

This *might* be caused by the pop3proxy running in the wrong directory.  The 
current directory for pop3proxy should be spambayes-1.0a2   The 
bayescustomize.ini should be in that same directory.  Then you simply run 
pop3proxy.py from the command line.  If you're doing all this, and you still 
have the ui error, then check to be sure that you have a file named ui_html.py 
in spambayes-1.0a2\spambayes\resources.  If that file exists, then I'm 
stumped.  Lemme know  :)

c'est moi - TimS

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