[Spambayes] baysian news filter

Michel Reimon michel at reimon.net
Sun Apr 13 19:51:33 EDT 2003


barry warsaw encouraged me, to contact this list with my little problem.

i'm a journalist, writing about politics and economics in both mainstream
and independent media (www.indymedia.org).

the www is oviously a nice thing for independent journalism, but it's also
very vulnerable and some incidents in the last 2-3 years (including hackers,
police and the chinese government) led to the insight: we need a better

the software project i'm working on is a peer-to-peer-network for sharing
news and articles. (in my former life i got a low-level degree in computer
sciences.) without going into details: the goal is to create a free,
decentralized, quick, reliable and personalized news source for everyone.
great, huh?

so how does spambayes fit into this idea?

the p2p-nodes pass news through the system. the users/readers can't read all
articles flooding through their computer, so the system has to decide which
news might be interesting for it's user and should therefore be displayed or
i want to use a baysian approach for this and i want to program it in
python - bingo! seems to me, that this problem is quite similar if not
identical to spam-recognition...

because my time is very much limited i'll break work into small pieces and
write this filter first, using emailed articles as input. i haven't written
programs for quite a while and no experience with python, so i really could
need a guardian angel - someone who looks over my shoulder as i stumble
through the source code.
so if someone here wants to go on a crusade for free speech - any help will
be very much appreciated. but be warned: i guess i'll start with some pretty
dumb questions :)

please contact me off list.

thanx for reading this,

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