[Spambayes] baysian news filter

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Mon Apr 14 19:22:13 EDT 2003

> so how does spambayes fit into this idea?
> the p2p-nodes pass news through the system. the users/readers 
> can't read all articles flooding through their computer, so 
> the system has to decide which news might be interesting for 
> it's user and should therefore be displayed or stored. I want 
> to use a Bayesian approach for this and I want to program it 
> in python - bingo! seems to me, that this problem is quite 
> similar if not identical to spam-recognition...

If you only want a binary interesting/non-interesting classification,
then you can probably use spambayes almost untouched.  You might need to
add a few extra token generators, but depending on what the clues for
'interesting' are, you might not.

In this case, you can basically just call tokenise() and classify() from
whatever framework you set up.  Obviously you wouldn't need the whole
spambayes package.

> please contact me off list.

I copied this to the list since non-spam uses of spambayes has come up
before and might interest others.  You might want to look through the
archives for a reasonably recent (March, I think) message about using
spambayes to classify database records IIRC.

=Tony Meyer

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