[Spambayes] mboxtrain.py chokes on bugtraq email messages

Charl Matthee charl at infosat.net
Mon Apr 14 18:17:45 EDT 2003

On Mon Apr 14 2003 at 10:08:47AM -0500 'Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions' <tim at fourstonesExpressions.com> wrote:

> Does this message have a mimetype of multipart/digest? If so, I think we 
> already have an open bug on this one.  If not, then this looks like a new one.

It does not look like it. The message contains the following MIME parts:
Message Name                                      MIME Encoding
 1 <no description>                               [text/plain, 7bit, us-ascii, 1.6K]
 2 [argv] BitchX-353 Vulnerability                [message/rfc822, 7bit, 7.2K]
 3 [SecurityOffice]  Netcharts XBRL Server        [message/rfc822, 7bit, 3.2K]
 4 php-Board (php)                                [message/rfc822, 7bit, 1.1K]
 5 Kietu ( PHP )                                  [message/rfc822, 7bit, 1.9K]
 6 DotBr (PHP)                                    [message/rfc822, 7bit, 1.6K]
 7 Presentation on Writing Secure Programs        [message/rfc822, 7bit, 0.9K]
 8 D-Forum (PHP)                                  [message/rfc822, 7bit, 1.2K]
 9 GLSA:  nethack                                 [message/rfc822, 7bit, 1.3K]
10 Re: Riched20.DLL attribute label buffer        [message/rfc822, 7bit, 1.0K] 
11 Re: /usr/bin/enq and /usr/bin/X11/aixter       [message/rfc822, 7bit, 3.1K] 
12 [OpenPKG-SA-2003.009] OpenPKG Security A       [message/rfc822, 7bit, 4.2K] 
13 [OpenPKG-SA-2003.010] OpenPKG Security A       [message/rfc822, 7bit, 4.7K] 
14 [OpenPKG-SA-2003.011] OpenPKG Security A       [message/rfc822, 7bit, 4.0K] 
15 SuSE Security Announcement: imp (SuSE-SA       [message/rfc822, 7bit, 16K] 
16 SuSE Security Announcement: mod_php4 (Su       [message/rfc822, 7bit, 13K] 
17 CSSA-2003-007.0 Advisory withdrawn.  Re:       [message/rfc822, 7bit, 1.2K] 
18 Re: CSSA-2003-007.0 Advisory withdrawn.        [message/rfc822, 7bit, 1.7K]



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