[Spambayes] mboxtrain.py chokes on bugtraq email messages

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Tue Apr 15 19:02:54 EDT 2003

>>> "T. Alexander Popiel" wrote
> Here's a question: what is the proper behaviour for these messages?
> [multipart/digest]
> Should the entire message get a ham/spam score, should the individual
> sub-messages get their own scores, or both?  If both, how should the
> individual scores be combined into the overall score?  Should the digest
> be broken into multiple messages: one containing ham, one containing
> spam, and one containing unsure?

The problem is working out a meaning for scoring parts of a message, and
making them visible to the user. I'd be inclined towards simply marking
the message as a whole (with multiple to: tokens, &c). If the user's got
a sufficiently clueful mailer (like MH :) they can burst the digests 
before the scoring happens, in the event that they want the individual 
messages scored...

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