[Spambayes] Outlook addin clipboard bug, etc.

David Matos matos at attbi.com
Tue Apr 15 19:40:46 EDT 2003

First off, thanks to you guys for doing such a fine job with this great
anti-spam tool.
I noticed a small but annoying bug while using the "002" version of the
Outlook Spambayes addin. I'm running Outlook 2002 and WinXP Pro. I find that
when I put text on the clipboard--an URL for example--then launch Outlook to
compose a new message to someone, the clipboard text has been replaced
instead by the smiley icon from the "recover from spam" button. If I then
try again by copying the text a second time it works OK. Is there any way to
fix this? I apologize in advance if this bug has already been reported.
Also, is it possible to customize the buttons for the addin? For example, is
there a way to change the text from "recover from spam" to "unspam"? Can the
icons be changed too?
Thanks in advance for reading this. And thanks again for a great piece of
--Dave Matos

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