[Spambayes] IMAPFilter

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Apr 17 13:10:32 EDT 2003

> I've been playing around with imapfilter.py, which is shaping up very 
> nicely (thanks Tony and Tim!).

No worries.  Good to know that someone else is testing it as well.

> However, I'm having a couple of problems with the latest 
> version, which isn't too surprising.


> Well, for a start my IMAP server doesn't seem to like the preserved 
> timestamps on the messages.

This was our fault.  The server that Tim tested against must have been
generous in accepting an invalid date - we were passing one in RFC822
format when it should have been in the imap format.  I've added in some
magic formatting changes and if you cvs-up it should now work.

=Tony Meyer 

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