[Spambayes] imapfilter mangling headers!

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Thu Apr 17 10:16:21 EDT 2003

So I just got started with spambayes and tried to train my system
using imapfilter.py.  The first problem was that I had to discover on
my own that I needed to edit spambayes/Options.py in order to keep
imapfilter.py from raising exceptions.

Then, once I'd done that, I was able to get it to do this:

    %src/spambayes/imapfilter.py -t -c -v -D bayes.db
    Loading database bayes.db... Loading state from bayes.db database
    bayes.db is a new database
    Training took 10.5770339966 seconds, 0 messages were trained

Now, should I be concerned that "0 messages were trained"?

Should I be concerned that -v didn't produce much verbose output?
Since I didn't get any, I decided to poke around and see what was
happening.  I went to the "unsure" mailbox (known as UnsureBox) in
Gnus, and found that none of the messages showed up with senders or
subjects.  Taking a look at the raw messages, I found the following:

Needless to say, I interrupted the classification process!  What
should I do now?  At least 1000 messages have been processed this
way.  Are they hopelessly mangled?

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