[Spambayes] Won't install

Biot Olivier Olivier.Biot at siemens.com
Thu Apr 17 19:24:25 EDT 2003

I tried to install SpamBayes, but without success. I always get:
    pythoncom error: Failed to call the universal dispatcher
(see attached trace)
My configuration:
Laptop running Win2000 SP3 plus latest OS patches
Outlook 2000 plus all patches; connected to an Exchange server (therefore no
I installed both Python 2.2.2 and win32all-152, once on D: and then on C:
but without result.
If I use the binary installer, I get to see the COM plugin but it never gets
checked (see attached log). If I compile the latest released version (a2)
and manually register it, then I don't see a "real" entry (it looks like
there is only a partial plugin registration); I can however run manager.py
from the command-line and I get the configuration GUI.
What is wrong?
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