[Spambayes] imapfilter mangling headers!

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Apr 18 11:52:47 EDT 2003

> >They're not dropped; they have apparently had all the 
> newlines removed!

I *think* I should be able to write a script that will put these back
into shape.  I'll have a good at duplicating the problem and see what I
can do.  I'll look at this now.  I'm sorry about the messages that have
been mangled; perhaps our *warning: alpha* messages need to be clearer.

I might add a logging option as well, a la pop3proxy.  I didn't
originally, because we don't actually delete any messages (unless you
set imap_expunge to True) and so the originals are there to undelete.  I
didn't count on a mailer automatically purging (none of the mailers I've
used have done that).

> See, what happened was that I got back from my travels and 
> finally decided to apply some of the very helpful advice I'd 
> gotten about how to set up server-side filtering.  A post by you said:
>     ``You should start by reading
>     http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/applications.html.  There is a
>     link to a page called "guide to integrating hammie with your
>     mailer" on that page that should give you some good starting
>     points.''

Strange.  That link didn't exist until yesterday (I added it) - I also
added the imap filter documentation yesterday.  I suppose I should have
mentioned that the whole thing is only a week or so old, and so even
more alpha than spambayes as a whole is.

> BTW, it appears that one or the other of my mailers
> actually deleted the messages that imapfilter marked as
> deleted as it moved things into UnsureBox.  

That is a *very* bad thing for a mailer to do.  So that we can add a
warning to the docs, could you tell us which mailer that is?

>So I just got started with spambayes and tried to train my system using

>imapfilter.py.  The first problem was that I had to discover on my own 
>that I needed to edit spambayes/Options.py in order to keep 
>imapfilter.py from raising exceptions.

You shouldn't have needed to do this.  What exceptions were raised?  Or
do you just mean that you had to add your server information?  My fault
that the documentation is weak abou adding your own information.  I've
just about done a web ui for imap filter (like the one for pop3proxy)
and didn't want to have to rewrite the documentation a day after I
committed it.

[Test account]
> I'd love to, but I think that whatever it takes to set
> up a test account is probably beyond me,

You don't need to have a whole separate account (although this is
easier).  The filter won't (can't) touch any folders that aren't
specified in the options.  So if you create a new folder and put some
test mail in there (even if you just send something to yourself), you
can use that to test.

=Tony Meyer

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