[Spambayes] training via email forwarding

rsalz at datapower.com rsalz at datapower.com
Fri Apr 18 04:57:37 EDT 2003

I've done a bit of looking around for a Bayesian email filter, and I'm
going to try spambayes because it has the simplest procmail integration,
and (seemingly) the simplest overall setup.  It's just missing one thing...

I'd like to train the filter by forwarding email messages to it.
I can do that easily by using the subject line or the "+" convention,
has in "rsalz+train-spam" as a mailbox.  It's easy to see how to set
up procmail rules to catch those.  The work to unwrap the outer MIME
wrapper, and process the forwarded message, should be easy for you
folks to add, saving me the trouble of having to wrestle with MIME.py :)

I think this woudl be a useful thing overall, making it easy for spambayes
to run in the common "shell account" mail environment many techies


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