[Spambayes] IMPORTANT: Options class changes

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Apr 18 19:18:04 EDT 2003

[Apologies for the length of this, but this is information that people
need to know].

A wee while back I proposed some fairly major changes (improvements!) to
the options module.  I outlined the basic idea, and only got positive
comments (plus some requests, all followed through), so I've gone ahead
and made the changes.

I am about to commit the Options.py file - a diff will be no good here;
although the information in the module is more-or-less the same, the
format has changed greatly.  If you are interested in how options will
work, then please read the comments (__doc__ and __issues__ in
particular) and give feedback.

Otherwise, the main change is that instead of accessing options via
options.option_name, you should use options["section_name",
"option_name"] or options.get("section_name", "option_name").  I have
also renamed those options where the section name was prepended with a
'_' to the option name (e.g. pop3proxy_ports and hammie_header_name are
now "pop3proxy", "ports" and "Hammie", "header_name").

HOWEVER, for the moment, the module is 100% backwards compatible (with
everything in cvs - your own code is your own!) so nothing will break
[touch wood].  I have changed all* the files over, and I will gradually
introduce them once it is apparent that no-one will kill me if I do
<wink> and that there are no apparent problems with the new module.

The only thing that you should notice is that you will probably get
various warnings about invalid options in your configuration file(s).
Your options will still work, but please go ahead and change them to the
new correct values.

I have tested what I can, but if anything does break then any developer
can roll this back to the previous version if they can't fix it.  I'll
keep an eye on the list, but I sleep when many of you are testing things

=Tony Meyer

* All, except the pspam folder - this is confusing!  Does anyone use
this?  If so, would they mind doing the update, or explaining what is
happening to me?

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