[mimelib-devel] Fwd: [Spambayes] Email package and the CRLFpair

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Apr 19 12:00:49 EDT 2003

> The intent is for the Parser to handle any line endings, but 
> for the Generator to output "normal" Python line endings, 
> e.g. \n.  When the message is transmitted over a protocol 
> such as SMTP that requires different line endings, it's up to 
> the protocol module to normalize them.  This is in fact what 
> smtplib.py does.  An imap module should do the same thing.

Thanks for clearing this up Barry (it nicely matches what Paul Moore
said, too).  I guess the answer is then that we *do* need to submit a
bug, but on imaplib, not the email package.  I'll do this.

I didn't mean to cast any aspersions on the email package - my thought
was that since it's the internet email format (i.e. RFC2822) that
specifies the CRLF, then the email package would handle this since all
the protocols would need to convert it, unless they're using something
other than RFC822.  All a matter of perspective, though, and you're the
boss :)

Again, thanks for the clarification.

=Tony Meyer

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