[Spambayes] pop3proxy_port, pop3proxy_server_name andpop3proxy_server_port options

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Sat Apr 19 12:32:36 EDT 2003

> >     Tony> You should now have:
> >     Tony>   pop3proxy_ports: 110
> >     Tony>   pop3proxy_servers: pop3.example.com:110
> >
> >What's the purpose of pop3proxy_ports?  Can the ports to 
> listen to be 
> >inferred from the pop3proxy_servers list?
> From my memory, this allow to have one ip adresse ( serving 
> for more than one pop server. Something like
> pop3proxy_ports: 110, 1100
> pop3proxy_servers: pop3.example.com:110, pop3.example2.com:110

That's exactly it.  I must admit, I was very confused when I first used
pop3proxy about what these did.  pop3proxy_listen_ports or
pop3proxy_proxy_ports would probably be a better name, but option names
are not easily changed...

=Tony Meyer

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