[Spambayes] Getting started

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Sat Apr 19 13:29:20 EDT 2003

> >Based on that, I start a TortoiseCVS Checkout using the following 
> >settings:

TortoiseCVS is great - much better than WinCVS that sf recommends :)
Your problem is that you've got "CVSROOT" as the module.  As well as
that, you're checking out from the python directory instead of
spambayes.  Change it to:

Protocol: Password server (:pserver:)
Server: cvs.sourceforge.net
Port: <blank>
Repository directory: /cvsroot/spambayes
User name: anyonymous
Module: spambayes

> Ok, my first recommendation would be to download the alpha2 
> version, which is pretty much self consistent and functional.

I would have to echo Tim's comments, except to add that pop3proxy is
somewhat more stable, even in cvs, than imapfilter (since it's much
older and more widely used), and that if you are interested in *testing*
rather than just *using* then cvs is better.  What I do is have two
copies - one stable one that I use for day-to-day email, and a
latest-cvs one that I use for development/testing.

> I don't think I even have Python on this system

You will need Python to use pop3proxy, whether you have the alpha
release or the cvs.  Type "python" in a command line to see if you have
it.  I gather than OS X comes with 2.2 installed; cygwin has it as an
option in the setup application; Windows doesn't by default.  Not sure
about other platforms.  Again, up to you which version of Python you go
for - I recommend 2.2.2 (download it from http://python.org), but you
can get 2.3a or the cvs if you like.  (If using cvs, change the module &
directory to python).

=Tony Meyer

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