[Spambayes] training via email forwarding

Rich Salz rsalz at datapower.com
Fri Apr 18 22:52:03 EDT 2003

> How fixed on forwarding are you?

I like forwarding because I can forward to myself and procmail will arrange
for the training to happen.

> You can use the imap filter to train
> only and not classify (-t option).  The way this works is that you move
> mail you want to train into certain folders (you specify which ones).

A cron job that runs mboxtrain periodically would do it.

It doesn't look that tough to teach mboxtrain about forwarded email messages,
so that's probably what I'd do.

> A week or so ago I offered training options for imap, one of which was
> forwarding, and no-one went for that one (they all liked the folder
> method more).

It takes all kinds. :)

> However, if you're using SMTP for outgoing mail, you can still use the
> smtpproxy if we set it up to work forwarding whole messages as well as
> via a message key.  Let me know if you want me to put something together
> and check it in.

I don't want to / can't run a server on the mail server.

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