[Spambayes] Getting started

Francois Granger francois.granger at free.fr
Sat Apr 19 11:26:45 EDT 2003

At 16:57 -0700 on 18/04/2003, in message [Spambayes] Getting started, 
G. Armour Van Horn wrote:
>And I mean *really* getting started. I've been following this list for
>months, but haven't actually knuckled down to use it. Now it's time. I will
>be using the pop3proxy approach, but I don't think I even have Python on
>this system, and I've never used CVS at all on any system.

My advice would be to forget CVS.

Go to Python.org http://python.org/2.2.2/
download a distro of Python for your plateforme (Windows 2000) 
then download the build of Spambayes 

and voilà !

Hofstadter's Law :
It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into 
account Hofstadter's Law.

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