[Spambayes] Email package and the CRLF pair

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Sun Apr 20 15:33:48 EDT 2003

> As a general set of rules (which aren't stated anywhere) it's 
> probably fair to say that:

Nice rules (and nice and clear, too).

> It might be nice to document these rules (or the right ones, 
> rather than just my unsubstantiated opinions :-)) somewhere. 
> But I don't know where, so I'm not volunteering :-)

Nor do I, so nor am I (well, they're documented in the spambayes mailing
list archive now, but I'm not certain that's the right place ;).
However, putting them in the right place does sound like a nice idea.
I'm sure it's not *just* me that is easily confused by such things - and
it would help anyone that develops a module that transmits (over TCP/IP)
RFC(2)822 messages.

I think I'll add this as a RFE (stealing your rules ;) to Python and see
if anyone picks it up.

> This is basically "be lenient in what you accept, and strict 
> in what you send", plus "use \n internally as a line terminator".

Definitely +1 (well, perhaps if "\n" is replaced by a wordier "your
platform/language's standard line terminator").

=Tony Meyer

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