[Spambayes] BUG: Input from LOCALE not used

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Mon Apr 21 21:25:31 EDT 2003

> > I just checked 
> > in a fix to addin.py to fix this, although the same issue is 
> > almost certain to bite pop3propxy users on that platform.  
> > The core should include the fix I made, IMO:
> +1 from me.  Where do you think it belongs?  (i.e. what do you mean by
> "core"?).  classifier.py? (does it effect tokenising?)

I should have quoted "fix" as it is a hack. :) I can't find a traceback any
more, but as far as I can recall it was very close to ConfigParser that we
need the locale specific code - wherever the "float(config_str)" happens, we
fail when 'config_str' uses a period instead of the locale specific
character (usually ',')

So it should be somewhere in our options framework.  I wish I had that
traceback :(

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