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Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Mon Apr 21 11:02:45 EDT 2003

4/20/2003 10:51:12 PM, "Meyer, Tony" <T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz> wrote:

>> Still, if they are better named something other than what 
>> they are today, it will only be harder to change them later, 
>> especially after another release.
>I must admit that crossed my mind :)  Well then, assuming that I take
>full responsibility for changing the code over, what about the following
>renaming (I'll hold off doing this for a while, so that people can
>* New section "Headers", which takes these from section "Hammie":
>	clue_mailheader_cutoff:0.5
>	header_ham_string:ham
>	header_name:X-Spambayes-Classification
>	header_score_digits:2
>	header_score_logarithm:False
>	header_spam_string:spam
>	header_unsure_string:unsure
>	trained_header:X-Spambayes-Trained
>  And these from section "pop3proxy"
>	evidence_header_name:X-Spambayes-Evidence
>	mailid_header_name:X-Spambayes-MailId
>	prob_header_name:X-Spambayes-Spam-Probability
>	thermostat_header_name:X-Spambayes-Level
>	include_evidence:False
>	include_prob:False
>	include_thermostat:False
>	include_mailid:False [was add_mailid_to:]

+ 1 from me.  One point to keep in mind here is that changes to the Headers 
section will be global in scope... This is similar to the ham/spam cutoff 
values... I really want to use two different sets of values, one for notes and 
one for pop3, but this isn't possible without using different config files 
(which is perfectly correct).  This phenomenon would extend now to headers 

>* In "globals" section, change verbose from a boolean to an integer


>* Rename these from section "pop3proxy"
>  ports:   ->  listen_ports:
>  servers: ->  remote_servers:


>* Rename these from section "smtpproxy"
>  ports:   ->  listen_ports:
>  servers: ->  remote_servers:


>* Both section "hammiefilter" and section "pop3proxy" have these:
>	persistent_storage_file:
>	persistent_use_database:
>  Can they be combined (into a new section, maybe)?

Please do!!!!

>  The only difference between them at the moment is that
>  hammiefilter's defaults to being in the home directory.
>This would mean a whole heap of changing config files, but on the other
>hand, some of that is necessary with the new options stuff anyway, and
>you're absolutely right that it's better to do this now than later.  For
>the most part, the shifting I've suggested is as a result of the project
>growing beyond the original hammie.

We can easily write a config file migration tool.

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