[Spambayes] Re: imapfilter mangling headers!

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Tue Apr 22 19:35:20 EDT 2003

> Just to be clear, I wouldn't have even mentioned it if you'd 
> just said "that's prerelease code" or if Tim hadn't mentioned 
> that it was there. However, you indicated that you had used 
> test scripts with it, which crossed a few wires in my logic circuits.

I guess this is an issue because although the spambayes project as a
whole is pre-release code, some of it (the core, hammie, pop3proxy) is
much closer to release than other parts.  Not sure what we can do about
this, apart from try to document things more clearly; although anything
that makes it into a packaged release (like alpha1 and alpha2 have been)
should perhaps be more closer than not.

> I got it found eventually.  I think I thought at one point 
> that it could live in my home directory... I guess not.

Heh.  One of the quirks (this one not my doing!) is that if it's in the
home directory it looks under the name .spambayesrc - setting the
environment variable is really the way to go :)

> Now, you see, I don't know that "standard configuration 
> format" means the same as .ini file format.

Well, my google's came up with the same format :)

> Even if I know about .ini file format (which, aside from 
> forgetting whether it's
> "name: value" or "name = value", I do),

Heh.  It's either :)

> I still need to know 
> what the magic names to use are, and what their permissible 
> values are.

If you check out the (new) documentation, you'll see that I've added
functions to easy access these.  Well, I hope they're easy - if not, let
me know :)

> I note that when Options.py changed, many of the 
> options lost their prefixes (imap_whatever became just 
> whatever), so my old patches to Options.py couldn't just be 
> transplanted into my .ini file.

Well, you can *at the moment*, because the stuff is completely backwards
compatible right now.  We're in the process of changing over the code to
use the new style, and we'll write a conversion utility for config files
as well, and once all that is done, then the old imap_whatever style
won't work.

=Tony Meyer

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