[Spambayes] imapfilter mangling headers!

Oliver Maunder lists at olivermaunder.co.uk
Tue Apr 22 12:09:02 EDT 2003

Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions wrote:

>>>Clearly we have a problem in training.
>I found it.  It'll be fixed in the next checkin.
Hi all

Back at work after Easter, got the latest CVS code into an empty folder 
and an inbox crammed with spam, but I'm still getting this:

C:\Development\SpamBayes\spambayes>imapfilter.py -t -v
Loading database hammie.db... Done.
Training took 0.485000014305 seconds, 0 messages were trained

There are around 80 messages in my ham-train and spam-train folders. All 
the configuration looks OK, and I checked it through the nice new web 
interface. Any ideas?


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