[Spambayes] IMAPFilter training issues (WAS imapfiltermanglingheaders!)

Oliver Maunder lists at olivermaunder.co.uk
Wed Apr 23 14:41:15 EDT 2003

I wrote:

> The new _extract_fetch_data doesn't like messages with multiple FLAGs. 
> In that case it fails to pick up tthe UID, which means the message 
> doesn't get added to the list. But at least it's trying to add the 
> message to the list, which is an improvement on yesterday.

Looking at it again, it appears that it's the $ in  "3 (FLAGS (\Seen 
$MDNSent) UID 3)" which is causing the problems.

I've changed the regular expressions in _extract_fetch_data to allow $ 
symbols in flags, which means the UIDs get picked up now. Where there 
are multiple flags, the regex still only picks up the first one, which 
could be a problem if a message is marked "\Seen" "\Deleted" - the 
filter would pick up the deleted message.


    Training took 135.652999997 seconds, 217 messages were trained

I've been waiting days to see that. Now lets see what happens to those 
150 odd spams in my inbox ;-)


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