[Spambayes] Outlook 2002/SpamBayes Question

Mike Regan mregan at coade.com
Wed Apr 23 10:56:48 EDT 2003

Hello, I am trying to use spam bayes with outlook 2002 sp2 on an xp box and
I am having a problem.  The thing is when I go to train spam bayes the list
box for selecting the spam box and the good email box is empty.  As a matter
of fact all list boxes in spam bayes fail to populate.  I have to other
people in my office using it with outlook one using xp like I am and the
other using 2000 and the program is working fine for them.  I have tried
replacing my comctl32.dll with the same version they are using but that
didn't fix anything.  Can you suggest another way to fix this problem?
Mike Regan
mregan at coade.com
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