[Spambayes] SMTP proxy

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Apr 24 13:23:49 EDT 2003

> I download the source code from sourceforge; however, I do 
> not see a SMTP proxy included. There is mention of it in the 
> documentation. Is it not complete?

In the spambayes directory you should have a file called smtpproxy.py.
There it is.  It is complete, although at the moment it's integrated
with pop3proxy.py (it uses the pop3proxy caches).  This would be simple
to change (extend); as I've said before to the list, someone just has to
give me a reason to do it.  (Or do it themselves and submit a patch...)

> One other thing, what kind 
> of success has anyone had integrating Spambayes into a server 
> side solution transparent to end users? One could use a 
> content filter on the mail server to delete the mail or 
> possible whatever else depending on the header that spambayes 
> tacked into the message.

The FAQ has this to say:
Q: This software is great!  I want to implement it for all my users.
   Are there plans to develop a server-side spambayes solution?
A: The problem with a server-side solution is that everyone has a
   different idea of what is spam - that's the whole strength of the
   bayesian-style filtering concept.  If you are certain that *all*
   of your users would agree on what is spam and what is not, then
   this might work for you, but otherwise you really have to have
   individual databases for each user.  Either way, you should be
   able to modify spambayes easily enough to fit into your setup.
   Please let the list know if you do have success in this area, and
   we'll update this answer.

=Tony Meyer

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