[Spambayes] IMAP - it works!

Oliver Maunder lists at olivermaunder.co.uk
Thu Apr 24 10:39:40 EDT 2003

Tony - I don't know exactly what you did last night, but it worked. I 
can see messages in my inbox again (I haven't been deleting spam for the 
last few days because I wanted to see how well the filter would work). 
Thanks a lot.

But there was one small error - seems to be to do with the Options setup -

Attempted to set [imap] username with invalid value ('my-username',) 
(<type 'tuple'>)
Loading database hammie.db... Loading state from hammie.db database
hammie.db is an existing database, with 95 spam and 122 ham
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Development\SpamBayes\spambayes\imapfilter.py", line 612, in ?
  File "C:\Development\SpamBayes\spambayes\imapfilter.py", line 561, in run
    username = options["imap", "username"][0]
IndexError: tuple index out of range

Didn't complain about the server and password being tuples though.

Right - I'm off to do more training.


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