[Spambayes] Training corrupts mbox files

David McLaughlin david at dsmcl.net
Thu Apr 24 12:38:33 EDT 2003

I've been using spambayes for a couple of months now, and its results
are spectacular. On my email setup, it easily catches 300 spams out
of a total 400 messages each day, with virtually no false positives
or negatives. I love it!

My only problem with it is that it seems to trash my mbox files when
I train it.

I use the following training command to train it on ham and spam

mboxtrain.py -d $HOME/.hammiedb -g
$HOME/mail_processing/caught/bayes_good -s

It correctly learns the messages, but the two mbox files have a bunch
of erroneous "messages" at the end, and opening the mbox up in mutt
gives a series of errors concerning invalid uid sequences.

Has anyone else had problems training spambayes on mbox files? Is
there anything else I should be doing to prevent spambayes from
rewriting the mbox file? It if helps, I can post a sample of the
before and after mbox files to a webpage for perusal.


David McLaughlin
david at dsmcl.net

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