[Spambayes] Classifier Assertion error

Oliver Maunder lists at olivermaunder.co.uk
Thu Apr 24 13:01:36 EDT 2003

This is happening with a new DB (and new spambayes.messageinfo.db)
trained with imapfilter:

Loading database hammie.db... Loading state from hammie.db database
hammie.db is an existing database, with 96 spam and 63 ham
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Development\SpamBayes\spambayes\imapfilter.py", line 654, in ?
  File "C:\Development\SpamBayes\spambayes\imapfilter.py", line 644, in 
run imap_filter.Filter()
  File "C:\Development\SpamBayes\spambayes\imapfilter.py", line 519, in
Filter self.unsure_folder)
  File "C:\Development\SpamBayes\spambayes\imapfilter.py", line 444, in
Filter evidence=True)
  File "C:\Development\SpamBayes\spambayes\spambayes\classifier.py",
line 217, in chi2_spamprob
    clues = self._getclues(wordstream)
  File "C:\Development\SpamBayes\spambayes\spambayes\classifier.py",
line 441, in _getclues
    prob = self.probability(record)
  File "C:\Development\SpamBayes\spambayes\spambayes\classifier.py",
line 301, in probability
    assert hamcount <= nham

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