[Spambayes] big imapfilter.py problem

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Mon Apr 28 16:55:41 EDT 2003

>>> "Meyer, Tony" wrote 
> So I'm going to give up using the UID (in any form) as an identifier for
> messages, and do what all the other spambayes apps (bar Outlook) do and
> add my own.  I'll store this with the message whenever it's saved.  This
> will mean things will be a little slower (have to search for messages
> with a header with a certain value, instead of for a message with a
> particular uid), but slow and working is better than fast and not.

Note that a number of IMAP servers out there support caching of headers.
I know we locally configured cyrus to cache the headers that we care 
about at work.


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