[Spambayes] big imapfilter.py problem

Oliver Maunder lists at olivermaunder.co.uk
Mon Apr 28 10:31:20 EDT 2003

Meyer, Tony wrote:

>So I'm going to give up using the UID (in any form) as an identifier for
>messages, and do what all the other spambayes apps (bar Outlook) do and
>add my own.  I'll store this with the message whenever it's saved.  This
>will mean things will be a little slower (have to search for messages
>with a header with a certain value, instead of for a message with a
>particular uid), but slow and working is better than fast and not.
Performance is fine for me at the moment. e.g. this morning 60 messages 
were classified in 40s. I'm intending to have imapfilter running full 
time in the background once everything's working, so it will just need 
to do 2 or 3 messages every 10 minutes. So, performance isn't a problem.

>Any training done with
>imapfilter is now suspect, so I wouldn't advise keeping hold of those
>db's (hammie.db etc).  
Again - not a problem. The way things stand I'm having to 
delete/retrain/edit the DB every couple of days anyway.

BTW, the IMAP server I'm using is Cyrus v1.6.24. Could be useful to know.


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