[Spambayes] gratuitous changes? + bugs

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Tue Apr 29 12:29:55 EDT 2003

> I guess it's my fault for not reading every message in the 
> spambayes group.  It's just too much!  :-)

I do try and make the important ones like that stand out, but I can
understand how they could be missed easily enough.

> It's one of my own scripts.  None of the available scripts 
> does what I need, so I wrote my own.  And in order to keep my 
> scripts independent of any spambayes testing that I was doing 
> at the time, I used mergefiles to merge in my own settings.

Well, I was wrong anyway since hammiefilter did call mergefiles as well
(how the search missed that, I don't know).  I'll be more rigorous about
the cvs logs next time, promise.

> If you look at the diff you'll see that I changed the test 
> touching self.allowed_values.  That is *allowed* values.  

Ah, I get it now, sorry - I should have read the diff more closely.
It's the code in is_boolean that fails.  I thought you meant code in the
is_valid test, which should work fine.  I'll check a fix in for this

=Tony Meyer

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