[Spambayes] big imapfilter.py problem

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Tue Apr 29 14:05:46 EDT 2003

> But no messages got classified spam or unsure, AFAICT.
> Even after I move some of the spam training messages into my 
> inbox, they're not classified as spam.

I think I have fixed this now.  I've changed imapfilter so that instead
of iterating through the entire RFC822 message when we go through a
folder, we just retrieve the headers (which we can use to determine if
the message has been trained/classified or not).  If we then have to do
something to the message, the substance is retrieved.

This should speed things up (no more retrieving the substance many
times), and I think I fixed the bug that stopped messages being filtered
along the way.

If you could check it (again!) that would be great.  If it's still not
working, could you run it with "-i4" and see whether it's doing any
FETCH RFC822[.PEEK] commands?  If not, then there's something up with
the db checking, if so then it's something else.

BTW, I am working on the headers-with-no-line-endings thing (I grabbed
the el source that you suggested), but it's taking a while...

=Tony Meyer

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