[Spambayes] Bug [ 725449 ] Addin won't initialize

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Tue Apr 29 02:17:58 EDT 2003

[Jerry Williams]
> SpamBayes-Outlook-Setup-002.exe worked so well under Windows 2000 that I
> decided to remove Python 2.2 and the win32 stuff and just use the
> Outlook setup.  But I run into the same problem as this bug.  So just as
> an FYI I am running Windows ME.  So I just reinstalled Python and the
> win32all-152.exe and spambayes-1.0a2.tar.gz and it remembered all of my
> settings.  So now I have a question.  Where is the config stored?

It can vary according to Windows flavor and login account.  On the Win98SE
box I'm typing at this moment, it's stored in files under

    C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\SpamBayes\

> Mark H. and everyone else, thanks for a great program!

Glad you're enjoying it!

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