[Spambayes] Clasification difficulties using pop3proxy / sb_server

Mark Howells Mark.Howells at softoption.com
Mon Dec 1 10:45:53 EST 2003

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> Ooops - I've just looked at my question again and realise 
> that the question looks ridiculous ;)  What I _meant_ to 
> write, was that I get some message that are classified as 
> 'unsure' when the declared spam probability is 0.8 or higher. 
>  i.e. the spam rating is higher than the spam threshold. 
> > Clues!  Clues!  Give us the clues!

Here's one that (with no training since it was classified) has a spam probability of 0.84, and is classified as unsure.  The spam cutoff is 0.8  I'm guessing now, but it's possible that the classification of the 'unsure' token (see earlier part of thread) may have taken it over the brink of 0.8 eg.  It may have had a rating of 0.79, been classified (correctly) as unsure. had the (spammy) unsure token added and is now showing as 0.84.  In which case it's the clues production thats incorrect.

Any ideas?


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