[Spambayes] sb_imapfilter.py AssertionError: hamcount <= nham

papaDoc papaDoc at videotron.ca
Mon Dec 1 10:57:23 EST 2003

Hi Tony,

>>  This error says that you have a token in your database that has
>> appeared in more ham than you have trained it on - which isn't possible.
> Ah... while training it said 14 ham trained, while classifying it only 
> said 10 ham. 

Do you force the training (i.e. use the -f switch) ?
sb_mboxtrain -f
If you don't force the training old mail will still be marked as trained 
but they won't be included in
the database (This is a feature so that we don't train on the same email 
many times)
If you force the training even old mail marked as trained will be used 
from the training.

When you train from scratch you should alway force the training.


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