[Spambayes] Clasification difficulties using pop3proxy / sb_server

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Mon Dec 1 11:30:18 EST 2003

    >> > Clues!  Clues!  Give us the clues!

    Mark> Here's one that (with no training since it was classified) has a
    Mark> spam probability of 0.84, and is classified as unsure.

Nothing was attached as far as I could tell.

Note that the *S* prob of 0.84 isn't enough to drop it into the spam bucket.
Was there a *H* prob which wasn't 0.0?  Just because it has a lot of spammy
clues doesn't mean it doesn't also have a lot of hammy clues.  

BTW, what were the clues? ;-)


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