[Spambayes] sb_imapfilter.py AssertionError: hamcount <= nham

Tim Stone tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Mon Dec 1 13:56:55 EST 2003

On Mon, 1 Dec 2003 10:35:28 -0800, Tony Lownds <tony-bayes at lownds.com> 

> At 10:57 AM -0500 12/1/03, papaDoc wrote:
>> Hi Tony,
>>>>  This error says that you have a token in your database that has
>>>> appeared in more ham than you have trained it on - which isn't 
>>>> possible.
>>> Ah... while training it said 14 ham trained, while classifying it only 
>>> said 10 ham.
>> Do you force the training (i.e. use the -f switch) ?
>> sb_mboxtrain -f
> I'm using sb_imapfilter.py, no sb_mboxtrain. sb_imapfilter.py does not 
> have an -f switch. I removed spambayes.messageinfo.db before running the 
> training database. That should do the same thing as -f, right?

Not necessarily.  If you remove the messageinfo db, then sb has forgotten 
what messages it has already trained on, and will quite possibly train a 
message that should otherwise be ignored...  If you do this, then you must 
start with a completely new training database as well...

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