[Spambayes] Feature request (for payment)

Neomatrix track at neomatrix.com.au
Mon Dec 1 16:50:38 EST 2003


Great product.

Did I mention you have a great product?


One itsy bitsy feature request, for which I will be happy to make a donation
or payment of sorts. and it is perhaps one that others may appreciate.


When mail is directed to the Junk folder, it is still marked UNREAD. This
means it catches the eye, and must be 'cleared', which removes some of the
effectiveness in the product.


Can I ask that you (or smarter people than I who can actually code) add a
check box option or similar, which allows for AUTOMATED clearing of junk
mail, setting the read flag to READ. Even if you direct it straight to
deleted folder, it still has a bold UNREAD indicator, so I keep getting
excited thinking I have mail and somebody loves me, but instead it is just
somebody suggesting I have a small penis and should consider their products
(spam) etc.


Thank you,




So give me a suggested donation and account details or I will go to paypal
link on your site

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