[Spambayes] Feature request (for payment)

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 1 17:02:35 EST 2003

Neomatrix wrote:
> Great product.
> Did I mention you have a great product?

Glad you like it.

> When mail is directed to the Junk folder, it is still marked UNREAD.
> This means it catches the eye, and must be 'cleared', which removes
> some of the effectiveness in the product.
> Can I ask that you (or smarter people than I who can actually code)
> add a check box option or similar, which allows for AUTOMATED
> clearing of junk mail, setting the read flag to READ.

I assume that you are running the Outlook plugin, but you don't mention
what version.  The latest version (0.81) has a checkbox labeled "Mark
spam as read" on the Filtering tab of SpamBayes Manager.  This option
should do what you are asking.  Be warned, however, that Outlook's new
mail envelope icon will still be shown even if all you have is spam.

Kenny Pitt

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