[Spambayes] SpamBayes Load Problem - Pls Help

Rick King rking at preflightventures.com
Mon Dec 1 19:15:48 EST 2003

it says it gets installed, all the files show up on the hard drive, but

a)  there are no buttons or change in the menu ((Windows 98) indicating Spam
b)  the box below in item #3 is not checked even though it shows up every
time.  BUT every time I check it and try to close or hit OK or reboot, it
shows up again as that same box not being checked?!

PROBLEM: Addin doesn't load
When you start Outlook, there is no Anti-Spam item in the toolbar.  To
resolve this:

If you are running a binary version, then perform the following steps:

1.  Start Outlook, and select Tools->Options to display the main Options
Select the tab labelled Other, then click on the Advanced button.

2.  Click on the COM Add-Ins button.
If the SpamBayes addin is not listed, then SpamBayes should be reinstalled
(Note that running regsvr32.exe spambayes_addin.dll from the SpamBayes
directory may also solve this problem)

** 3.  If the SpamBayes addin is listed but not checked, then simply check
it and close the dialog.

4.  If the SpamBayes addin is listed and checked, but still not working and
still not creating log files, then I am stumped!

Plesae send any help!  It seems like it is very near to being set up right.


-  Rcik

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