[Spambayes] SpamBayes Q: Backup of PST file

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Mon Dec 1 22:36:37 EST 2003

[Cindy Peyser]
> Dear SpamBayes,
> I really really like SpamBayes, it is so far the best spam filter I
> have tried (out of 3).

Glad you like it!

> One problem:  I have noticed since the time I set it up, my backup
> system has not been able to backup my Outlook PST file (It gives a
> message that the file is in use even when Outlook is closed). And I
> have been unable to export, copy, or move my PST file (I just got a
> new computer, so am trying to get set up again).  Is there something
> about SpamBayes that keeps using the PST file even after Outlook
> itself is closed?

No, nothing that we know of, but closing Outlook doesn't always stop Outlook
from running, with or without SpamBayes installed.  I've always had this
problem (with three different Outlook 2000 installations), and don't think
it's any more-- or less --common since installing Outlook.

You didn't say which version of Windows or Outlook you're using.  The best
thing to do before running backups is to use the Windows Task Manager to
kill off all non-essential programs first.  Exactly how you do that depends
on which flavor of Windows you're using.  You'll sometimes find that an
Outlook process is still running despite that you closed Outlook.  That's
life.  The same procedure applies if you get any sort of "persmission
denied -- file in use" error when trying to copy, move, or rename a file.

> Also, how do I un-install?

Anyone?  I run from CVS, so have no idea what the binary installer sets up
here (assuming the poster used a binary installer, which seems too likely to
question <wink>).  This one is nearly a FAQ lately!

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