[Spambayes] SpamBayes Q: Backup of PST file

Seth Goodman delete at GoodmanAssociates.com
Mon Dec 1 23:26:31 EST 2003

> No, nothing that we know of, but closing Outlook doesn't always
> stop Outlook
> from running, with or without SpamBayes installed.  I've always had this
> problem (with three different Outlook 2000 installations), and don't think
> it's any more-- or less --common since installing Outlook.

Just as you say, I noticed the same thing with Outlook 2000 long before I
tried SpamBayes.  You close Outlook and an Outlook.exe process is still
running.  It's neither better nor worse with the SpamBayes Add-In.  Oddly, I
have even noticed that after Outlook is running for a long time, a second
instance of Outlook.exe appears, according to the task manager.  The symptom
that prompts me to notice this is that a message does not become "read"
after I display for the appropriate number of seconds in the preview pane.
Then I look in the task manager and see two Outlook.exe processes.  What a
bizarre piece of code this Outlook is, but also very useful.

Seth Goodman

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